Authenticity Guarantee

Every single item provided by The Casual via its online shop The MRKT, and its proxy service, TCX, are 100% authentic; procured from the original stores and/or online sites here in Japan.

We do not condone the practice of selling replicas or remakes. As such we provide detailed images for all products that have a high susceptibility of being illegitimate.

Below you will find a few examples of our process to insure that you can rest easy knowing that your purchased item is the genuine article.

Garment CLOSE-ups

For items viewed as “high-risk” we provide detailed close-ups on key areas on the garment.

These areas may include:
– the top area or crown
– the liner (if applicable) or stitching
– the print and/or embellishments

We recognize each garment has its own particular areas of  interest and will address those areas in our detailed photos.

TAG Close-ups

We also provide thorough tag close-ups for each “high-risk” item.

Most labels for the brands we provide are made in Japan with the occasional item made in China. However, we will always provide tag close-ups regardless of where the item is made.

Unlike other avenues for getting access to brands in Japan, The Casual aims to maintain transparency.

We guarantee authenticity or your money back. We’re so sure of our that it will never happen that we’re willing to give refunds it proven otherwise (we keep the receipts just in case).

All photos of each garment are done in-house and are the property of The Casual co. Any attempt to use the images for personal use will be met with swift legal action. 


The Casual and THE MRKT is more than an online shop to snag some of your favorite brands from Japan; its a network built around its community. Under every item for purchase there is a chance to review that item. We encourage everyone in our network to write a review, tell us how we can do better, and give us constructive criticism at any time.

As we grow, it grows. So let us know how we can provide the best service possible while at the same time keeping you fresh.


While The Casual does want to maintain transparency in our process there are simply some things we cannot provide due to the time constraints here at our headquarters here in Japan. Below are some of the things for you to take note of.

  • – We will not provide additional photos for authenticity checks. Any attempt to contact us on the validity of our items will be ignored. We guarantee authenticity or your money back. Because of this we will not provide additional verification of our items.
  • – We do not provide original receipts. Because we are a registered company in Japan we are subject to domestic taxes. We log all original receipts in our file for safe keeping and proof of purchase. We also keep these receipts to protect us against false claims of inauthenticity. The receipts provide the burden of proof in such instances.
  • – We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone taking advantage of our site, system, or community. 

Thank you for your cooperation and as always…

Keep it Casual