TCX Discountinued

It is with regret that we are discontinuing TCX, our proxy service from Japan, to the general public. The Casual’s goal will always be to give access to Japanese fashion to all those who are fans, enthusiasts, and interested in expanding their wardrobes. However, due to the lack of education on proxy services and frequent abuses of the system by anonymous users we have decided that it is better to focus our efforts on our very own online shop, The MRKT. That being said, TCX is not completely dead, it is still available on a limited basis to our most loyal users; a small group of  trusted individuals that we will rely on to help make TCX a more robust and easier system to use.  With their help we hope that TCX will become what it’s intended to be; the number one location to pick up your favorite Japanese collections, pieces, and brands.

In the following days The Casual will be contacting individuals to participate in our limited access  to the service. Once we iron out the issues and find a way to make the process easier for the general public we hope to open the service again so that everyone may enjoy the benefits of proxy from Japan. We understand that this may upset a great many of you but please understand that we want to make the process easier for everyone. That’s why we will continue to bring you new pieces in the very near future to our online shop. We hope this will ease some of your disappointment. We hope that you will continue to engage and be a part of our community. Thank you for watching, listening, subscribing, and participating.

As always, Keep it Casual.

*If you are already a limited access member please login to proceed

*If you would like to become a part of the limited access you must be given a referral by an already existing member. All those referred ad accepted will be sent an email detailing login procedures.