Olive Military Jacket Large (SECONDHAND)


Olive twill hooded jacked from ABAHOUSE. Fits like Western(US) Medium slim. ITEM IS SECONDHAND ~ B-RANK

All secondhand items come with a ranking attached so that you may know the quality well before making a purchase. Items in Japan are known for being high quality even in the secondhand market; for example a “B-Rank” item is often in very good condition and an “A-rank” usually implies an item has been barely worn if at all. Thus, each item marked “SECONDHAND” in The MRKT are ranked according to Japanese standards. All items deemed secondhand are chosen from notable high quality brands in the Japanese market.
Item is brand new and has never been worn. Usually these items are display items bought for less than retail value.
Item has sparsely been worn if at all. Shows extremely minimal signs of wear and tear. May have been washed once in delicate conditions.
Item shows visible signs of being worn and may have slight fading due to wash. Wear and tear is minimal but may be noticeable.
Item shows noticeable signs of wear and tear and/or fading. Best used as vintage style pieces or for intentional looks. Suggested fabrics for C-Rank items are usually denim and twill, occasionally nylon or intentionally faded graphic tees. There are no items below C-Rank on The MRKT

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