Frequently Asked Questions

We want to answer your most pressing questions so we compiled some of the most frequent and answered them right here.

All items from TCX are 100% authentic and come from the original store, official dealers, and/or our trusted list of resellers. We take authenticity very seriously and we do vigorous checks to insure you get your items in their original form. TCX does not condone the practice of selling replicas and/or fakes.
With TCX we limit our requests to the fashion industry. We have extensive knowledge of the fashion landscape in Japan and we know how and where to find even the most hard-to-find items. If your request is not an apparel request but part of an apparel brand i.e. Bape Tote Bags, Undercover iPhone cases, etc. we can and will provide services for those. As long as the item is attached to fashion and a brand we can provide our services.
Shipping fees are based on weight for both International e-Packet and EMS. You can take a look at the shipping costs by clicking on the links below.

International e-Packet


Please allow up to 3-5 days to process your order and an additional 4-8 days for your to reach your location. This is, of course dependent on shipping method and domestic shipping times.
Provided that your request is not a hot anticipated release pre-orders are absolutely possible. For limited and lottery items we purchase in advance and post these items on our site. These items are first come, first served, and are priced according to the average rate after launch.
Only readily available items are possible. If an item is exclusive but in-stock in store or online we offer our services. However if an item is expected to sell-out we cannot promise your item will be acquired. In this case we will purchase the item in advance and contact requests in the order that they were received.
TCX does allow for lottery and line entry, however a small fee of ¥700 (~$7.00 USD) will be charged for these entries. This fee is a non-refundable fee even in the event that we do not win the raffle or lottery. To confirm line entry we will send you confirmation via email
We are able to buy items from various outlets including secondhand retail stores and auction sites here in Japan. Nothing is off limits. As long as we can reach out to the brand and it’s physically available, we can purchase on your behalf.
We want to make the service as fair as possible. That’s why we reserve the right to refuse any order that looks to exploit the service for financial gain. We do not condone the practice of price gouging and therefore will refuse any potential client that intends resell items once obtained. This is done at our discretion as we limit the amount of requests of the same item. This means for items that are not deemed limited we have a much more flexible allowance but for limited items only one item will be allowed per client.
We do not resell items unless the item is expected to be limited and/or exclusive. In these cases we will buy the item in advance and they will be available on our site at a first come first served basis. The price of the item will be determined by the effort and time it takes to acquire the item.

If you have any further questions please contact us by email: