What We Do

THE CASUAL is a social entertainment hybrid based in Tokyo, Japan that aims to bring more attention towards Japanese street fashion and culture. From the hottest brands to the hidden finds we keep our ears to the ground and keep you updated on what’s happening in the east.

How we connect

We’ve got the standard: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where you you can get up to date realtime info on what’s going on and releasing in Japan. But our lifeblood is on The Casual’s very own Youtube where weekly updates occur and you can get a heads up on what we’re picking up out here.


Our very own personal shopping/proxy service shipping directly from Tokyo, Japan. Not only are we giving you the news on Japanese street fashion but we are giving you access to it. Just use our onsite order form to get started on expanding your wardrobe with exclusive Japanese brands and releases today.


Our goal is to become the definitive online location for all street fashion in Japan. We’re not just building a community, we ARE the community. So join us in building bridges; one that connects the east to the west, through culture. One piece at a time.

As Always, Keep it Casual